Trendspotting: Tartan Treats

My favourite fashion trends are often inspired by nostalgia. After all, fashion constantly repeats itself and all trends will do the rounds more than once eventually (except for you octopus pants – you can stay firmly in 1999). This winter one of the biggest trends set to storm the high street is one that reminds me of various times in my life, being a little girl, my hideous infatuation with the emo/scene kid trend and laughing at pictures of my rents from the 80’s.

Tartan and DocMarts, trendsetter

Tartan is back in a big way and the high street currently looks like the inside of (queen of tartan) Vivienne Westwood’s mind. When I was little many of my cutest outfits, if I do say so myself, involved adorable tartan dresses and skirts and so tartan instantly makes me feel comforted and at home. Tartan isn’t just for the little’uns though and this winter will see many girls working a bit of tartan for serious grown up glamour.

It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping (somehow managing to tear myself away from the shopping centre that is FIVE MINUTES from my new house) and so naturally my online virtual baskets are full to burst and a lot of those items are tartan goodies and here are some of my favourites!

First up is this gorgeous Check Borg Collar Coat from high street Miss Selfridge. This coat reminds me of something my mum would wrap me up in when I was little to protect me from the (disgustingly brutal) Pennine chill. Not that I actively seek to look like a 5 year old in my day to day life but momma does still worry about me getting chilly and I'd happily wear this little number to keep me warm. Don't put it on before you go outside though, otherwise you won't 'feel the benefit'.

In my current job I'm allowed to dress pretty casually (oh the perks of media) but some days I want to look like I mean business* and in this Check Contrast Dress from G21 I could be smart and on trend which may seem easy to do but seriously, have you seen some of the lady-suits in the shops these days?-shudder-

* Me at work: click here

As much as I loved a wee bit of the ol' check I also wasn't too up for looking like a Bay City Rollers (like 1D but for the seventies) fangirl. Unfortunately tartan trousers are one area where you can stray into this territory. However these beauties from River Island come in a striking electric blue and make a nod to another of Autumn's trends meaning they're more fashion vixen that fashion victim.

There's no justifiable reason for my love for these trainers other than I love hi-tops and I love tartan. It's a simple as that. I'd wear these with leggings and a big old vintage sweater for the ultimate weekend off-duty look.

Now I'm usually against being a slave to a trend and wearing it EVERYWHERE but there's something so cute about this Tartan Bra. Yes, they don't do it in my size. Yes, it's pretty impractical and could only be worn under dark clothing but I still want it. Can someone purchase it so I can live vicariously through them? Or would it be weird to ask to look at your bras?....

Last but not least is probably the most nostaligc/retro item on the list. This adorable Tartan Pinafore looks exactly like something you'd pop a toddler in and they'd promptly ruin by crushing rusks all down the front of it. As a 21 year old I'm more like to be pouring mojitos down the front of it dresses up with heels and a crop top for a night out. Or wearily spilling my morning coffee on it as I rush off to work in this and a blazer.

What do you think of the tartan trend? Do you love it or loathe it? Which high street shop is your go-to for tartan items? Is there another Autumn trend that you can't get enough of? As eve let me know! And PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who was dresses in such embarassing outfits?!

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  1. I know that pennine chill all too well haha and that coat looks like the perfect thing to keep it at bay. Also how cute do you look in that first tartan dress?! Everybody say 'awwww' haha
    Love your blog, followed you!xxx

  2. Awwwh, you're too cute!!!
    Love the Tartan picks, I haven't owned anything tartan since the 90s, must get myself some this year ;)



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