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So now I'm a working girl I have an almost pathological desire to 'not waste my weekends'. Whereas at uni I'd happily veg out and watch films all weekend (in between drinking my own weight in rum and coke) now I've become really, really bad at being idle. London doesn't help this as there is so much to do here that it's impossible to get bored so I'm constantly planning my next weekend outing. My Time Out App is my best friend and I keep a keen eye in 'what's on' so I know where to explore next. If there's one thing living in London has done to me it's giving me an almost violent strain of FOMO.

Last weekend I decided however to stay a little local. I currently reside in Wandsworth. My flat is somewhere between the 'dodgy end' (a drunk man was arrested by 17 police officers practically on my doorstep the other day) and the achingly middle class 'nappy valley' area near the common (many a D list celeb can be spotted browsing boutiques and munching at Michelin started caf├ęs, paying £385 for a bottle of juice squeezed by menstruating virgins under a full moon in Valencia. Or something like that).

Although I spent most of last summer out in East London, an area still very close to my heart, I've grown to love my little area of SW18 and the best bit about it for me is that there are parts of my little haven where I can pretend I'm still in the countryside. Wandsworth common is pretty well known for being almost 79 hectares of greenery including tennis pitches, a lake, a cricket field and even a cheeky windmill.

Until today is only ever been to one small side of it which is at the top of my road. Today however myself and flat mate Laura made the bold move to cross Trinity Road and investigate the rest of it. And I am SO glad we did! The common is so cute and parts of it felt like I was in a centre parks resort. We grabbed a fruit booster from Nero and settled into so serious sunbathing/people watching for a few hours before grabbing some Pimms from a pub on the edge of the common.

Midway through said Pimms I realised I had seriously burnt myself, please, if you're as pale as me and could make Snow White look like a TOWIE member after a spray tan then wear your SPF! That endedto our little adventure in the sun but I still had a great day, even if I ended up with legs that looked like 2 undercooked peperamis at the end of it.

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Guess Who's Back....Back Again.

Well hello there Ladies and Gents (if I have any male readers!). It's been a while, hasn't it? There's no good way to re-introduce yourself to the internet, firstly it all seems a little self important because really, has anyone really noticed or cared that I'd gone? By the same token I think it would have been a little odd to just randomly start blogging again. I am. If anyone out there cares where I went during my days in blogging wilderness, read on.

Around the time I stopped blogging my life went ever so slightly mental, I quit my job, started a new one, moved house and went through a break up in the space of about a fortnight. I didn't have working internet for weeks so bloggging was difficult anyway and even if I had been blessed with the correct technology through which to write about my life, there wasn't much to say. A lot happened yes, but did people really want to hear about my DVD nights with the housemates (I watched so many films in that internet-less 3 weeks. SO MANY.). Did anyone really care that I had changed what I did between 9am and 5pm? Certain people probably would have liked to hear the gory details of my break up but I am not Katie Price and this is not the cover of Now Magazine.

When I finally re-entered the 21st century and had working internet I became a little lost again. I wanted to blog, but I wasn't sure what about anymore. LissInc had been a place for me to talk Fashion and Beauty and pretty things in order to escape the sometimes mundane nature of my degree. Now however, working full time in advertising for a women's magazine, all I did all day was talk fashion and beauty and pretty things. I'd had enough, so I simply stopped blogging. If I couldn't talk about my favourite eyeliners or what skinny jeans I'd bought that week what could I talk about?

Well, that's what we're going to find out ladies and gents. I'm still a fashion and beauty lover so there'll be plenty of that but I'm also a fashion and beauty lover who lives in London now. Expect lots of lifestyle posts on what I do and how I cope with being so far away from fresh air and fields. Having become partial to a good brunch since living in the city I'm sure there'll also be food-reviews a plenty. Basically, stick with me, we'll figure it out together.

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